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Tuesday, December 2nd, 2003

Time:8:42 pm.
Mood: blah.
I'm trying not to use the "maid of tears" IM name anymore, since I seem to get bombarded with spam on that account.

IM Websters3rd or celelube if you need me.
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Thursday, October 9th, 2003

Time:2:50 pm.
Mood: peaceful.
My mun reading my first slam poem!
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Saturday, October 4th, 2003

Time:2:06 pm.
Mood: bored.
See, ever since the King of Sporkdor fucked off to suspiciousbox along with my shagging buddies entire family, it's been a pretty mundane existence here at Barliman's. I mean, sure, it's all right to use a Spork of Power every now and then to help you with your shows, but it gets old after a while--the same drunken geezers fondling their ferrets in the corner of the bar, and every night opening the same dirty linen closet to kick out the same group of hobbits.

I'd go on a Quest, but I'm really lazy not a fan of the idea of coming back without a finger, Frodo-style. Although it does make for a perfect stripper name. Nini of the Nine Fingers, at your service, yo.

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Monday, June 9th, 2003

Subject:Why I love mikefox
Time:11:15 pm.
Mood: bouncy.
1. He embraces my incestuous nature
2. He writes me songs
3. He likes to shag me
4. He appreciates a good poetry slam and/or strip show
5. He has disturbingly intense fans
6. He lets me be his groupie
7. He was created as a hobbit fucktoy. How cool is that?
8. He did not break my heart, of course well, maybe a little
9. He was imprisoned by Bubba the Glut
10. He shares his birthday (TODAY!!!) with Peter the Great
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Tuesday, April 1st, 2003

Subject:Embracing Your Inner Incest
Time:9:18 pm.
Celeborn and I have decided to pull together and establish an organization for incest rights.

Basically, joining isn't very hard if you see your family a lot. Just grab one of them and screw. You are now a member of the Coalition for the Rights of the Incestuous.

*runs off* Daddy, where are youuuu?
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Wednesday, March 12th, 2003

Subject:Happy birthday and stuff
Time:7:06 pm.
Mood: quixotic.
One year and here I am languishing without any plot lines. Damn the mun, damn her.

In other news, hi!
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Wednesday, January 22nd, 2003

Subject:Nini's Rules of Life
Time:5:29 pm.
Mood: awake.
1. Love your family, because you never realize how important they are to you.
2. Take #1 in whatever way you want.
3. Rocks and water are not so pretty when you are smashed to a pulp on them.
4. Even with a name that literally translates to "Mourning Maid of Tears", nothing is stopping you from getting a little fun out of life. I think.
5. When you're doing a striptease, the hidden spork will *always* fall out of the lingerie at the most inopportune times. Some people, however, find this arousing.
6. You never get remembered for authoring the original suggestion of Boromir/Faramir.
7. Gríma is one persistent fucker.
8. One can spend a lifetime exploring the anatomy of the ferret.
9. Everything good you've heard about Michael J. Fox's sexpertise is probably true. ;)
10. Cesium + water = BIG FUCKING EXPLOSION = Elladan - his arm.

Since the wedding's postponed, anyway...Elendil, up for a date?
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Wednesday, January 15th, 2003

Subject:ferrets and such
Time:1:05 pm.
Mood: confused.
I am being fought over by two ex-ferrets.

The last time this happened, it was my brother vs. Gríma vs. Michael J. Fox.

I guess I should be grateful.
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Saturday, December 14th, 2002

Time:11:21 am.
Mood: cheerful.
I am going to be a bridesmaid or something if Elrohir accepts and all of that!

This means I won't be in the Shire for as long as I planned (unless they hold the wedding at Bag End; that wouldn't be too bad as that sexy tree is there), but I don't want to ditch you. So...Elendil, how about being my date to the wedding?

Look at how assertive I am getting. Next thing you know I'll be playing with explosives again. Wait, never mind, already done that.
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Saturday, December 7th, 2002

Subject:off to the shire
Time:11:38 pm.
Mood: pensive.
Stripping only takes your mind away from it all for so long.

I mean, yeah, it's fun and all, trying to decide exactly what should come off first and to what extent and what rhythm and which articles of clothing should be hurled into the raucous crowd at the PP. It's quite a challenge, mind you.

But, of course, everything gets old sometime.

I think the last time I left the PP, Elrohir invited me to Rivendell and from there I traveled to Celemawë where the whole cesium thing happened and...yeah. Although come to think of it, those were rather exciting times. Not that I want to go back to those days of Elladan losing arms and stuff.

Maybe I'll go to the Shire, or something. I remember being around there when I first got out of Mandos, and when borntoramble forged The One Spork.

elendilthetall, though, if you ever want to take me up on that drink...
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Tuesday, October 1st, 2002

Subject:My new family!
Time:10:22 pm.
Mood: grateful.
I have acquired a daughter!

She's so cute! I love her (in a completely platonic and non-kinky way, unlike some other members of my family)! I'm sure the rest of the family will love her too.

I love you Issy! You have to come over to Sporkdor and we can have some mother-daughter bonding time. I don't know, what do mothers do with their kids? Éowyn used to teach Chomsky how to kill things...Denny just burned his kid. Eru tells his to make sandwiches.

Uhhh, anyone willing to give me advice on parenthood?
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Saturday, September 7th, 2002

Subject:Chat transcripts, chatroom: Entsex
Time:12:28 am.
Mood: excited.
i am theodred (10:27:29 PM): ahah
theygetitfromme (10:27:29 PM): ENTSEX
i am theodred (10:27:45 PM): is that even possible?
theygetitfromme (10:27:53 PM): ENTSEX ENTSEX ENTSEX
maid of tears (10:28:01 PM): Théodred: Anything's possible. Mrehehe.
i am theodred (10:28:12 PM): i'd like to see some entsex.
i am theodred (10:28:34 PM): ent porn.
Jenn Gamgee (10:28:53 PM): *wonders just what she has just walked in on..*

maid of tears (10:33:51 PM): What about, like, cross-species sex a la Rohan Human/Horse sex?
maid of tears (10:34:02 PM): Like, ents/wargs
maid of tears (10:34:09 PM): ents/silmarils
scrunchie crown (10:34:12 PM): O.O
maid of tears (10:34:15 PM): ents/Irmo
maid of tears (10:36:17 PM): ents/Valar
maid of tears (10:36:25 PM): ents/Eru

so knives out (10:56:19 PM): why am i even in here?
erchirion (10:56:29 PM): Because we love you
DivaErestor (10:56:31 PM): Because Ent sex was irresistible?
i am theodred (10:56:40 PM): ahaha
so knives out (10:56:42 PM): no ent sex was like an open wound i couldn't not look at
erchirion (10:56:42 PM): In a completely stakerish and creepy way.
so knives out (10:56:50 PM): i love you all in a similar way :-)

(11:43:18 PM) die gondor die has entered the room.
die gondor die (11:43:28 PM): i just went to a chatroom called 'entsex'
die gondor die (11:43:36 PM): o.o SOMETHING IS WRONG

The Poem, Draft One
yallume (12:02:13 AM): Christopher Lee's hot ass
yallume (12:02:16 AM): is very hot
maid of tears (12:02:35 AM): It unites the world--
yallume (12:02:35 AM): because its molecules move more quickly
yallume (12:02:40 AM): than something that is not hot
maid of tears (12:02:54 AM): or at least, all the people who have "christopher lee's hot ass" listed as an interest
maid of tears (12:02:57 AM): Ehehehehe
yallume (12:03:04 AM): indeed
yallume (12:03:05 AM): IT
yallume (12:03:06 AM): IS
yallume (12:03:06 AM): HOT
yallume (12:03:14 AM): hot and, uh, sweet
yallume (12:03:19 AM): like honey
yallume (12:03:25 AM): that comes from a honeycomb
maid of tears (12:03:27 AM): or like Mandos lollipops
yallume (12:03:31 AM): because if it didn't it wouldn't be honey
yallume (12:03:34 AM): but would instead
maid of tears (12:03:43 AM): or like Faramir's shampoo, when he washes
maid of tears (12:03:59 AM): *inserted after the ARTIFICIAL SUGARYNESS: Ew.
yallume (12:04:00 AM): which, while it must be admited is sweet indeed, IS NO THE SWEET HONEY OF CHRISTOPHER LEE'S HOT ASS
yallume (12:04:14 AM): ((NO = NOT))
maid of tears (12:04:29 AM): ehehe
yallume (12:04:45 AM): OH
yallume (12:04:48 AM): CHRISTOPHER LEE
maid of tears (12:05:09 AM): The texture of thy ass is like a feather pillow
yallume (12:05:19 AM): more wonderful than a doughnut
maid of tears (12:05:19 AM): a real one, not those fake ones they give you in the Holiday Inn
die gondor die (12:05:24 AM): AHAHAA
yallume (12:05:32 AM): more elegant than the home shopping network
die gondor die (12:05:47 AM): Your ass is evocative of warm nights on the beach and such
die gondor die (12:05:55 AM): And...Magic Fingers beds
maid of tears (12:06:05 AM): ((*dies laughing*))
yallume (12:06:07 AM): your ass
yallume (12:06:10 AM): makes me hot
yallume (12:06:10 AM): in my spot
yallume (12:06:14 AM): MORE SO
yallume (12:06:15 AM): THAN
yallume (12:06:16 AM): ENT SEX
die gondor die (12:06:19 AM): o.o
maid of tears (12:06:23 AM): Like wiggling your toes in warm sand.
yallume (12:06:33 AM): like rolling in chilled jello
maid of tears (12:06:33 AM): Only, your ass instead of the warm sand.
die gondor die (12:06:42 AM): or taking a bath in cold noodles
yallume (12:06:46 AM): ((AHAHHAAAHA))
yallume (12:06:54 AM): ohhh, how the noodles slide against your skin!
(12:06:56 AM) NinethRingwraith has entered the room.
yallume (12:06:59 AM): and since it's ichiban
yallume (12:07:03 AM): it comes in a packet
yallume (12:07:10 AM): or the flavouring, anyway
maid of tears (12:07:15 AM): ((Nine, we're composing a poem to Christopher Lee's hot ass. Feel free to join in.))
yallume (12:07:22 AM): FOR
yallume (12:07:23 AM): it is your ass
NinethRingwraith (12:07:30 AM): Ah - I think I'll sit this one out...thank you though.
die gondor die (12:07:33 AM): your ass must run free!
die gondor die (12:07:42 AM): like the noble wildebeast
yallume (12:07:50 AM): RUN
die gondor die (12:07:51 AM): it cannot be tamed
maid of tears (12:07:51 AM): Like the dwarves in the dwarf wards of mandos!
yallume (12:08:06 AM): like the drunken phonesex
yallume (12:08:10 AM): of ENTS
yallume (12:08:13 AM): it goes something
yallume (12:08:15 AM): like this
yallume (12:08:21 AM): hey, baby, what are you HOOOOOOOOMING?
yallume (12:08:25 AM): but anyway
die gondor die (12:08:25 AM): hlkgahkghg
maid of tears (12:08:26 AM): o.O
die gondor die (12:08:27 AM): HAHAHFKLADSHGLAHGA
maid of tears (12:08:37 AM): EFFERVESCENT--the word for thy rear
yallume (12:08:49 AM): no word is greater than EFFERVESCENT
maid of tears (12:09:17 AM): Yes!
yallume (12:09:21 AM): I want to molest it
maid of tears (12:09:21 AM): Almost as much as your actual ass.
yallume (12:09:25 AM): like Sancho wants his sugarthighs
erchirion (12:09:32 AM): ((Stay awake and wait for Tom, or go pass out?))
die gondor die (12:09:38 AM): stay awaaake
yallume (12:09:41 AM): except, you know
maid of tears (12:09:46 AM): ((Stay awake! Otherwise you'd miss the poem!))
yallume (12:09:52 AM): you don't look like quentin tarantino
(12:10:03 AM) TakaCrantz has entered the room.
yallume (12:10:06 AM): and even though I have no seen his
yallume (12:10:09 AM): it cannot be
yallume (12:10:09 AM): FOR
yallume (12:10:11 AM): YOUR ASS IS THE BEST OF ANY
yallume (12:10:14 AM): asses
yallume (12:10:14 AM): ever
TakaCrantz (12:10:14 AM): (Lady Ent) I find the name of this chatroom so demeaning...
erchirion (12:10:19 AM): ((Okay, I'll just faceplant a little hgvolvjfiaoe;jolegaefgv ))
maid of tears (12:10:19 AM): ((John, we are writing a poem for Christopher Lee's hot ass.))
maid of tears (12:10:25 AM): ((Feel free to join in.))
TakaCrantz (12:10:27 AM): ((Oh dear god))
die gondor die (12:10:33 AM): JOHN HELLO HI
NinethRingwraith (12:10:38 AM): Fimbrethiel: Oh I completely agree
yallume (12:10:41 AM): OH CHRISOTOPHER LEE
maid of tears (12:10:41 AM): Your ass is like a fleaker.
yallume (12:10:47 AM): or Krissie, if I may call you that
maid of tears (12:10:47 AM): A mixture of a flask and a beaker...
yallume (12:10:55 AM): in that it like
yallume (12:10:56 AM): can contain stuff
maid of tears (12:10:59 AM): only your ass is the mixture of the divine and the humane
die gondor die (12:10:59 AM): O mighty Lee
maid of tears (12:11:07 AM): ((AHAHAHA))
die gondor die (12:11:12 AM): your ass is like one of those sand art things you make at a county fair
TakaCrantz (12:11:20 AM): Someone hold me. I think I'm going to cry
die gondor die (12:11:22 AM): AH THE BEAUTY OF THE COLOURED SAND
die gondor die (12:11:33 AM): much like...
die gondor die (12:11:34 AM): your ass.
die gondor die (12:11:37 AM): EFFERVESCENT.
yallume (12:11:50 AM): EFFERVESCENT
yallume (12:11:55 AM): EFFERVESCENT
maid of tears (12:12:08 AM): effERVEScent
die gondor die (12:12:10 AM): O CHRISTOPHER LEE
die gondor die (12:12:16 AM): YOUR ASS MAKES ME WANT TO
yallume (12:12:19 AM): may I call you Krissie?
die gondor die (12:12:20 AM): SHOWER YOU IN FINE POLLEN
yallume (12:12:21 AM): YES
yallume (12:12:24 AM): SHOWERSHOWER
NinethRingwraith (12:12:28 AM): *begins to feel ill with the effervessing*
yallume (12:13:00 AM): ohh your ass
yallume (12:13:01 AM): how I love it
maid of tears (12:13:01 AM): ((Nine: But think of the ass!))
maid of tears (12:13:11 AM): It makes me want to stroke your roots
maid of tears (12:13:14 AM): that is, if you were an ent and had roots.
die gondor die (12:13:16 AM): oh god
yallume (12:13:19 AM): it makes me want to snuggle it
maid of tears (12:13:19 AM): As it is, I'll have to stroke...
yallume (12:13:22 AM): like a snuggly thing
maid of tears (12:13:25 AM): ...YOUR ASS
die gondor die (12:13:32 AM): ASSSSS
yallume (12:13:35 AM): ASSSSS
yallume (12:13:38 AM): EFFERVESCENT
maid of tears (12:13:45 AM): EFFERVESCENT ASS
NinethRingwraith (12:13:48 AM): I have no idea who Christopher Lee is and regardless I do not think that I would be attracted to his ass.
yallume (12:13:56 AM): AJHAK
TakaCrantz (12:13:59 AM): He's a tree
TakaCrantz (12:14:02 AM): Yuale married him
yallume (12:14:15 AM): ((Christiopher Lee plays Sarumon, but I named a tree after him))
TakaCrantz (12:14:15 AM): It was a wonderful and beautiful romance
maid of tears (12:14:15 AM): o.o
NinethRingwraith (12:14:18 AM): Okay...
maid of tears (12:14:29 AM): With equally beautiful wedding pictures
die gondor die (12:14:34 AM): oh christopher lee
die gondor die (12:14:38 AM): your ass makes me feel
NinethRingwraith (12:14:41 AM): I'm sure it was lovely
die gondor die (12:14:44 AM): like a natural woman
yallume (12:14:52 AM): MORE NATURUAL
yallume (12:14:55 AM): THAN
yallume (12:15:00 AM): like
maid of tears (12:15:03 AM): As opposed to a chemically processed woman
die gondor die (12:15:06 AM): yes.
yallume (12:15:08 AM): yes
NinethRingwraith (12:15:11 AM): Or one with artifical flavoring
yallume (12:15:24 AM): MMM
maid of tears (12:15:27 AM): Nothing fake about this ass!
yallume (12:15:30 AM): ARTIFICIAL FLAVOURING
yallume (12:15:32 AM): except
yallume (12:15:35 AM): not
die gondor die (12:15:43 AM): THIS ASS IS NOT MADE WITH RED 40
maid of tears (12:15:49 AM): o.o
yallume (12:15:50 AM): INDEED IT IS NOT
yallume (12:15:56 AM): it only makes me love it more
NinethRingwraith (12:15:57 AM): ...or even one that was artifically vitamen enriched?
yallume (12:15:59 AM): though I would still love it
yallume (12:16:05 AM): if it has silicone implants
maid of tears (12:17:36 AM): O Christopher Lee's pants! Divine articles,
maid of tears (12:17:46 AM): made to touch the effervescent ass
die gondor die (12:17:47 AM): O CHRISTOPHER LEE
yallume (12:17:52 AM): YOUR ASS
yallume (12:17:54 AM): SHOULD NOT
die gondor die (12:17:55 AM): YOUR ASS IS LIKE
yallume (12:17:56 AM): BE CONTAINED
yallume (12:17:57 AM): IN PANTS
die gondor die (12:17:59 AM): really great.
yallume (12:18:01 AM): it must BURST FREE
die gondor die (12:18:06 AM): it should hang free in the air...
yallume (12:18:08 AM): like teleporno's massive boobies
die gondor die (12:18:12 AM): exposed to natural oxygen and such
die gondor die (12:18:19 AM): unless your ass should go to los angeles
yallume (12:18:22 AM): it deserves SPARKLES and glitter
die gondor die (12:18:26 AM): in which case it would be in the smog
maid of tears (12:18:36 AM): And nitrogen and neon and all the other trace elements
yallume (12:18:43 AM): ASSES are like children
yallume (12:18:45 AM): in that
maid of tears (12:18:49 AM): But not cesium, because then it would explode
yallume (12:18:52 AM): it takes a village to raise then
yallume (12:19:02 AM): then = them
die gondor die (12:19:09 AM): ah...cesium...
yallume (12:19:15 AM): for your as
yallume (12:19:18 AM): HAS GROWN
die gondor die (12:19:22 AM): HAHAHGHAFK
die gondor die (12:19:31 AM): O MIGHTY ASS OF LEE
die gondor die (12:19:38 AM): i do not speak enough languages
yallume (12:19:39 AM): MIGHTY
die gondor die (12:19:41 AM): or even enough english
yallume (12:19:43 AM): MIGHTY WITH MIGHT
die gondor die (12:19:48 AM): to describe thy mighty cheeks
yallume (12:20:01 AM): they RETAIN THEIR YOUTH
yallume (12:20:05 AM): decades younger than thy self
yallume (12:20:07 AM): or something
yallume (12:20:37 AM): WELL PRESERVED
maid of tears (12:20:39 AM): O Christopher Lee,
yallume (12:20:40 AM): AND SHINY
yallume (12:20:44 AM): like a ripe apple
die gondor die (12:20:44 AM): very shiny!
maid of tears (12:20:47 AM): voted "It Really, Really Old Guy" once,
die gondor die (12:20:49 AM): like a new penny
maid of tears (12:20:52 AM): if I had to describe the perfect ass
maid of tears (12:21:05 AM): in an analytical essay for admission into higher education, or such,
(12:21:08 AM) gloredhel01 has left the room.
maid of tears (12:21:13 AM): I would write on the topic: "Christopher Lee's Effervescent Ass".
yallume (12:21:19 AM): EFFERVESCENT ASS
die gondor die (12:21:22 AM): EFFERVESCENT
maid of tears (12:21:27 AM): EFFERVESCENT.
yallume (12:21:37 AM): EFFERVESCENT
NinethRingwraith (12:21:41 AM): Bubbly even.
maid of tears (12:22:14 AM): Bubbly and well-textured,
maid of tears (12:22:22 AM): and with the smell of crisp new books.
die gondor die (12:22:31 AM): and just a HINT
die gondor die (12:22:35 AM): of peaches
die gondor die (12:22:35 AM): and cream
yallume (12:22:45 AM): but
yallume (12:22:47 AM): most of all
yallume (12:22:50 AM): EVANESCENT
maid of tears (12:23:04 AM): And so, Christopher Lee--
maid of tears (12:23:11 AM): we, your dedicated fans, and those of thy ass,
die gondor die (12:23:11 AM): LEE, the almighty
yallume (12:23:11 AM): LEE
die gondor die (12:23:21 AM): LEEEE
maid of tears (12:23:21 AM): set down this poem...
die gondor die (12:23:21 AM): (pedro)
yallume (12:23:21 AM): PEDRO
yallume (12:23:23 AM): your ass
die gondor die (12:23:26 AM): (of sorts)
yallume (12:23:28 AM): IS
yallume (12:23:33 AM): AS GREAT AS PEDRO
yallume (12:23:36 AM): SO
die gondor die (12:23:39 AM): how your ass inspires us lowly mortals!
yallume (12:23:39 AM): so
yallume (12:23:42 AM): when Gandalf yells at doors
die gondor die (12:23:45 AM): it makes me want to sing yankee doodle dandy
maid of tears (12:23:48 AM): which is getting so long that it might almost be compared to the Odyssey or the Iliad,
yallume (12:23:48 AM): IT IS FOR YOUR ASS HE CRIES
die gondor die (12:23:53 AM): YOUR ASS IS JUST THAT EPIC
yallume (12:23:57 AM): EPIC ASSNESS
maid of tears (12:24:03 AM): we invoke your name
maid of tears (12:24:07 AM): and that of thy ass.
yallume (12:24:22 AM): PEDRO
die gondor die (12:24:26 AM): ass.
die gondor die (12:24:27 AM): asssss.
yallume (12:24:34 AM): ASS
die gondor die (12:24:35 AM): THE END I SAY IT IS THE END THE END.
yallume (12:24:35 AM): PEDRO
maid of tears (12:24:35 AM): Effervesssscent.
yallume (12:24:37 AM): PERDRO
yallume (12:24:38 AM): ASS ASS
yallume (12:24:40 AM): PEDRO
NinethRingwraith (12:24:40 AM): arse
maid of tears (12:24:40 AM): And now we sound like Gollum.
yallume (12:24:43 AM): ARSE
die gondor die (12:24:46 AM): efferVeScEnT
maid of tears (12:24:49 AM): Except we are not being raped by a cordless phone.
yallume (12:24:52 AM): PEDRO ARSE PEDRO
erchirion (12:25:00 AM): Gone all that time and you're still talking about Christopher Lee's ass.

*bows* Thank you.
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Wednesday, September 4th, 2002

Time:10:11 am.
What he said.

Tequila and cookies Sporkdor forever.
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Monday, September 2nd, 2002

Subject:a bit disturbed
Time:10:46 pm.
Mood: distressed.
I just went and looked at the family tree.

Ok. Just for clarification: IS THERE ANYONE IN MIDDLE-EARTH WHO ISN'T A FUCKING RELATIVE OF MINE? I mean, I'm related to *Ozymandias*?!

Not that I don't love my family, it's just that...Well. You know. Yes.

On the other hand, I'm not related to Gríma. I am torn between relief that I have inherited none of his characteristics and dread at the realization that, legally, I can fuck him.
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Saturday, August 31st, 2002

Time:10:46 pm.
Mood: mellow.
You know those shows that are all like "The Inside Lives of Strippers"? Yeah, the ones that show a lot of the stripping and little of the Inside Lives. I'm thinking maybe I could do one of those, except, you know, with more of the Inside Life, because stripping for more than two hours and twenty-three minutes at a time is really tiring.

I mean, it's not like I haven't lived a sensational life. A dysfunctional family, broken by the wars with Melkor; amnesia as a young girl, then marriage to and (lots of kinky) sex with my brother, lots of angst and suicide and a really long kind of boring interlude in Mandos; coming back and helping with the forging of the One Spork, and eventually rising to become the Stewardess of Sporkdor and stripper at Barley Butterbur's Prancing Pony--along with a failed romance with Michael J. Fox and some incidents of wereferretism (and FERRETSEX).

...or not. But it got your attention, didn't it? o.O
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Monday, June 17th, 2002

Subject:Hey Dad
Time:1:18 am.
Mood: lonely.
Happy Father's Day.

In keeping with my depressing name, I got you a set of "Loneliness" notecards. Think of me every time you write a letter.

I love you Daddy.

((ALSO: AMROTHOSmun, could please change the email on your account? I'm afraid you won't get all your comments. Thanks. Love!))
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Friday, June 14th, 2002

Subject:A few announcements (OOC)
Time:8:24 am.
Mood: contemplative.
1) My phone lines are all down, so until further notice I am on the Not Connected to AOL computer. Which is good because it's less idiosyncratic, but bad because it is right outside my parents' bedroom and I wake them up if I'm on too late. Which means I shan't be on when most of you are on.

2) I, um, probably should have said something before, but: I am leaving for nine weeks, starting Sunday June 23. For two weeks I'll be touring Central Europe with one of my orchestras, for six weeks I'll be attending the Tanglewood Music Festival in Lenox, MA with the other orchestra, and for one week I'll be back with the first orchestra for our rehearsals and concerts in Sidney, Maine. I'm not going to have computer access for most of this time, and if I do it will be hard-won and for a very short period of time. So I shan't be puppeting for at least nine weeks. I was going to make this my opportunity to leave permanently, but then...I got protested at in chat. (Yes, fear my grammatical wrongness. Mrehe.) So...when I get back, we'll see. Because I really do love you all and I've had such a great time here.

To that end:

3) I wanted to do a lot of playing this week, to make up for my being gone for so long. I may not get as much in as I'd wanted to, what with this situation with the computer and rehearsals for my quartet recital and for tour. However, anyone who wants to do a plotline or anything, please mail me or comment because I'd love to make Nini's last week here eventful.

4) I'm not sure what I should do about my puppets. Dumping them on other people seems presumptuous because I know most of you just gave up a lot of yours and you probably don't want more, and I know I took on a lot of puppets a few weeks ago and haven't had time to do anything with them other than post a few random entries. Thoughts? Ideas? Interpretive dances?

5) Poetry slams at the Prancing Pony are closed until Buttermun gets back from Italy.

That is all. LOVE!
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Tuesday, June 11th, 2002

Time:10:37 pm.
Mood: hot.
So I did something that's probably really smart. I made an updates page for the Mikepage so I wouldn't have to post in this journal every time I updated and thereby fill up everyone's friends lists.

I'll add a link to it from the main page at some point. For now, just go sign the guestbook. :)

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Subject:Update to Mike's page
Time:9:15 pm.
Mood: energetic.
Added song "Sometimes".

Sign the guestbook. Yes.
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Subject:Hey, Mike?
Time:6:08 am.
Mood: accomplished.
I made you something.

I know it, um, took a long time to make. Sorry about that.

I hope you like it.
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