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Born in the First Age to Húrin and Morwen of the House of Hador. Because of a curse Melkor put on my father and his family, I unknowingly slept with my brother Túrin, which left me emotionally scarred--enough to throw myself off a cliff and die from it. Oh, and I have another sibling, Lalaith, whose name means laughter, so of course she is very sad all the time. I love my family in a completely platonic and innocent way.

I wandered for a bit after dying but have now taken up the position of Stewardess of Sporkdor. I also strip at the Prancing Pony, and help out with Barliman's biweekly poetry slams. I have a Mordor Pizza Coupon tattooed on my chest, which means I get a discount every time I go to a branch or order out. I went out with Michael J. Fox, before he left me, and I've never gotten over him but now I am an independent woman. So independent, in fact, that I made him a webpage.

I also run half of sockpuppets, a news journal chronicling the events of Middle-earth for the purpose of keeping people in a state of not lost.

Oh yes, and I am a wereferret. Fear me.

My munjournal, for those interested, is over here.